Back to Him..



How do you go on knowing that you failed
and all your friends suddenly disappeared and bailed
Can you see the shame on everyone's face
and your parents look at you like your the biggest disgrace
All this time you blamed everyone else
but all along it was none other than yourself
Now your stuck here paying the price
It's up to you, how are you going to change your life
Will you sit there and look like your lost
or are you going to get up and pay the cost
Don't sit there and reminisce the past
for the future is coming and it's coming fast
So make some memories, ones to remember
because you my friend will graduate in December
So how do you go on knowing that you failed
just smile to the world cause you could have bailed

Mistakes. Everyone makes them. There's no doubting it. Sometimes you regret your mistakes, but sometimes they help grow as a person and makes you stronger. But when it comes to the cases of these young couples, they all bitterly regret their mistakes. One person out of each couple made a mistake. A big one, and now their relationships are on the line. They're almost over the edge, almost on the breaking point. At this point the couples are desperate to pick up the pieces of what's left of their relationship.

That's where Baruada Island comes into play. You're probably thinking, what on earth does an island have to do with couples trying to fix their already broken relationship. Well, on this gorgeous island lays the Kapula Bay Resort. This resort holds a couples retreat. For couples who are trying to salvage what's left of their relationship. They go through treatment, and in the end, hopefully build a bond even stronger than before.

But there's no guarantee that your relationship will fall back into place. After the few weeks that the couples will spend here, the counsellors will hope to help them. But like mentioned, there's no guarantee that they can be fixed. Not all relationships are salvageable. It'll take time and patience, but hopefully in the end, it'll all work out. Some couples will go home happy once more, and some will go their separate ways. We'll just have to see how it works out.

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